Cat Fight! (13 Days To Election)

So Fine Gael and Labour are going at each other big time over economic policy, to the extent that it is becoming a bit of a distraction. It certainly isn’t going to boost confidence in the next government if they squabble like this. I’ve never thought that a FG/Lab coalition could last a full term and all this fighting just reinforces that view.

I don’t give the fighting too much attention myself. Since they parties will have to reconcile their economic plans with each other in a few weeks anyway, nothing they say about each other on that score means anything.

But how much of an effect does it have right now? Well, while Martin will be happy to see it, it won’t drive voters Fianna Fails way. Certainly not the way of the Greens who even the media seem happy to resign to the scrap-heap now. No it’ll be Sinn Fein, the ULA and “others” to benefit, but how much remains to be seen. Might be worth a seat of two at any rate.

The Children’s Hospital issue keeps popping up over and over again, much to my amusement. This is the ultimate BS issue, the kind of thing you throw at a candidate in a bid to trip him up. Who, after all, regardless of party, is going to say they won’t build a children’s hospital? That’s a one way ticket to “eliminated after three counts” territory.

Gormley’s twitter: “The tide is turning!” Ha!

New poll! Just as worthless as the others! Seriously, how do Fine Gael gain support after the last week? How do the Greens? What did Sinn Fein do to lose support? Garbage I tell ya.

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