Better Know A Micro-Party: The Rest, Part Two

New Island Party –

The vehicle of Ann Sweeny, failed candidate in the Donegal SW bye-election. She’s running again in the same constituency. My feelings on “NIP” have been made clear elsewhere.

Independent Movement –

A group designed to get as many Independents elected as possible. No other info, only just started getting organised.

The People’s Convention (CPPC) –

Another Direct Democracy crowd, though this one seems to border on communist principles, suggesting the creation of “People’s Conventions” (read: Soviets) to run the country from local areas. Running one candidate, John Adams, in Cork North Central.

Irish Democratic Party –

A reform minded centrist party, thats joined up with the flagging Irish Liberals in the last while. No news on candidates. One of the slicker looking websites, for what little that counts for.

South Kerry Independent Alliance – No online presence

A group made of former Labour members, formed after a dispute between them and Michael Gleeson in Killarney. He’s their only candidate and only in local elections.

The rest of the “Better Know A Micro-Party” entries can be found here.

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