17 Candidates!? (17 Days To Election)

Wicklow holds the record for the most candidates: 17. Five seats up for grabs. The 17 are three FG, two FF, three Lab, one SF, one G, five Inds and two from Fis Nua. Really looking forward to seeing how that one works out. Kind of astonished Fis Nua, a new Micro-Party, are running two people in the same constituency.

On The Frontline last night, all of the financial spokespeople were on. Really starting to hate some of the choices in this show, like the sob stories from audience members at the start. It’s a very deliberate thing to try to make the guests uncomfortable and on the defensive from the off and I don’t like it.

Noonan and Lenihan were arguing almost from the start, though not in any kind of loud way. Lenihan is looking kind of desperate and beaten down, he must know that he is clinging to his Dail seat by his fingertips.

Burton was evasive, refusing to be drawn on potential cuts and tax rates on middle and low-income earners, only wanting to talk on Labours plans for high earners. Are Gilmore and company starting to flip on that issue?

Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty…man, this guy is going to lead that party some day. He’s just the best face they have, not marred by the past, locally popular, able to be the guy hitting the government on their cuts policy. Calm, assertive. I don’t like him, but it isn’t difficult to see what is in this guys future. He really is the best they have. Forget Adams and his bloody history, O’Caolain and his superior, droning attitude, O’Snodaigh and his arrogance. Doherty is that party’s future.

Not a great debate anyway, got very contrary if you know what I mean. Everyone saying different things, saying everyone else was lying. I suppose Doherty did come off the best, but Pat Kenny wasn’t exactly giving him loads of attention.

Anyway, our first mention of the Defence Forces today! From the RTE Elections Twitter:

“Enda Kenny says he sees roles for the defence forces other than peace keeping and suggested engineering”


I have no idea what this means and I really wish I had more details. But it sounds somewhat odd and borderline insulting. Engineers? Does Enda Kenny realise that a large proportion of the Defence Forces doesn’t work with engines? And that, if they wanted to, they could have picked a career in a mechanics and engineering, but didn’t?

Enda is staying clear of all things TV3 related, doing some local meetings as well. This really didn’t have to be as big an issue as it turned out to be. I wonder how many seats Enda has cost his party with these shenanigans.

I’ll be offering thoughts on the Martin/Gilmore face-off tomorrow once I have a chance to rewatch the thing. Also, Kenny’s extended meet and greet.

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