Limerick’s Green Candidate: Sheila Cahill

The Green’s have no one of any substance in Limerick, so here’s Sheila Cahill, a small business owner and charity worker. One of only two women candidates in the constituency. In terms of Limerick, she wants more bus lanes and investment in new businesses in the city centre.

In 2007, Limerick East’s Green Party candidate, Trisha Forde Brennan, gained just under 1300 votes, a 2.62% share, and was eliminated on the fifth count. She placed ninth out of fourteen. It’s an understatement to say things are unlikely to improve.

Still, she’s on the list, so I’ve rattled off my Defence/Foreign Affairs question to her.

Limerick’s candidates stand at ten officially, and likely eleven with the as-yet undeclared candidacy of Conor O’ Donoghue for Christian Solidarity.

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