A Limerick Poll (For What Its Worth (Little))

Right, I was planning on doing something when a poll came out about Limerick City, I had just hoped it would be something slightly more worthwhile than the sham research done by the Sunday Independents stooge organisation Quantum. For what little it is worth, here’s what they have to say about the levels of support for the Limerick City candidates:

Noonan: 31%
O’Dea: 23%
O’ Sullivan: 16%
O’ Donnell: 9%
Leddin: 9%
Power: 6%
Quinlivan: 4%

See, the first two, even the first three, aren’t that bad. But, when combined with the rest, they become non-sensical. O’ Sullivan has taken a very small total here and will require transfers to get her over the line. Power, a very low one. Quinlivan, too low (Hey, I’d be the first to celebrate if his numbers were this low, but they can’t be). And just 2% for everyone else? Kiely, Prendiville, Cahill and O’Donoghue? I don’t buy it for one second.

Under these figures, FG retain their two seats with the Gilmore Gale failing to effect the City in any way. Forget the fact that Labour’s popularity has been rising, that Kiely will take votes from Fine Gael, that the boundary changes will positively effect Quinlivan and negatively effect O’Donnell, that the “Others” sill be siphoning off votes…Bah. Worthless poll.

Still no replies from any of the eleven candidates to my e-mail. Still plenty of time for them to get the responses in though!

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