Better Know A Micro Party: The Rest, Part One

Yeah, I don’t have the energy to do the rest of these bit by bit. I found myself repeating myself constantly with this little blog post series, all the new parties being some version of “left” “pro-reform” and “anti-banks”. That, and so many of them are barely operating as it is. I’ll mention the rest in three more posts, the first of which is this one.

So, instead of continuing on in such a tediously inevitable fashion, I’m going to round-up the remainder in this one post. Enjoy.

Letterkenny Residents – No online presence

A small local grouping in Donegal with one elected councillor, Tom Crossan. No online presence.

Senior Solidarity

A grouping of over-60s formed in 2008 to defend medical card rights. No electoral success and a somewhat defunct website.

United Minds

A heavily idealistic grouping/site set up by failed Dublin South bye-election candidate Ross O’ Mullane with a direct democracy focus. Seems to have abandoned electoral activities.

Citizens First

The above link to a single page is the only information I can find on this party. They’re for reform. That’s it.

Democratic Reform

Seems like a smaller Sinn Fein spin-off. Anti-EU, Pro-Political Reform, some grand sweeping statements (my favourite: “The number of Deputies should be reduced to 100, this would be more than adequate to administer a state the size of Ireland.” No data or numbers to back that up, just a blindingly pig-headed “We know best” type statement.) No other info.

The rest of the “Better Know A Micro-Party” entries can be found here.

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