A Question To The Candidates Of Limerick City – Defence and Foreign Affairs

I’m sending the following e-mail to every candidate that has so far declared to be standing in the General Election.

The question is:

Dear (Candidate)

Hello. I am a constituent of Limerick City and a recent graduate of an MA course, Military History and Strategic Study. As such, I would be appreciative if you could provide some answers to the following questions.

What is your opinion of the present state of the Irish Defence Forces? It’s reduced budget and size, its promotion freeze, and limited participation in missions abroad? Do you believe, as many do, that the Irish Defence Forces are surplus to the requirements of the modern Irish state?

What is your opinion of Ireland’s current neutrality laws and the “triple-lock” system?

Do you have any specific foreign diplomatic initiatives or schemes in mind for the coming Dail term?

When answering, please bear in mind that your response may be published publically online. So will a lack of response.

Looking forward to your reply and best of luck in the coming election.

Yours sincerely


I will post any responses I get here as I receive them with my own commentary.

Edit: Contact info for Kevin Kiely has been found. It was there, I just wasn’t looking close enough. My bad.

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