Honest Fighters (22 Days To Election)

Green’s start their campaign. Lots of uses of the words “honest” and “fighters”. I’m not convinced that the Greens are either. Gormley says they’ll try and run a candidate in every constituency, so that should push Limerick City’s into double figures.

Fianna Fail has done a great job with “leadership debate” debate and the marker has been laid down even more now. Hard to see Enda Kenny not showing up next Tuesday. And I really, really hope Vincent Browne isn’t in charge of proceedings.

Speaking of which, old Vinny B had the hard left on last night in the form of a few candidates from the ULA and People Before Profit. They seem to think that the numbers attributed to “Others” applies exclusively to them. They don’t.

I caught the replay of the Primetime debate, between Lenihan, Varadkar, Burton and O’ Caolain. It was all fine up to 23 minutes, respectful enough. I thought Varadkar made the best case, seemed intelligent, numbers at his fingertips.

Then it all went to hell, the worst kind of squabbling. O’ Caolain and Lenihan stared it. In fairness, Lenihan found the flaws in Sinn Fein’s economic policy – that they’re big plans of an extra tax band and a wealth tax will make peanuts in comparison to the deficit – and O’ Caolain didn’t feel the need to respond to that. Then Burton, fine up to that point, went on the warpath, bringing up the bondholders deal AGAIN. She was allowed to point the finger and accuse the others of dirty dealing unopposed by moderator Miriam O’ Callaghan. When Varadkar tried to defend himself and his party, she refused to let him talk. When Lenihan tried to defend his parties record, she cut him off for Burton. The last part of the show was her throwing these accusation style questions at O’ Caolain.

Truly shocking moderation from O’ Callaghan. Just awful. I’ve never had a high opinion of her.

RTE is not doing a great job regards the late night politic stuff. The new one “The Eleventh Hour” is a dire offering of worthless anaylsis and flashy montages. As a Twitter commenter described it “like Expose for politics. What a joke”.

A lot of talk so far on these promises Fine Gael and Labour are making to renegotiate the bailout deal. I note that the IMF and EU are being somewhat quiet about the whole thing. A lot of those parties post-election popularity will swing on this issue, and I doubt Kenny and Gilmore are stupid enough to risk it all on a promise they don’t know they can keep. We’ll see. For now, Fianna Fail can hammer away at that point, and hope that some words from the EU camp can undermine FG/Lab’s position.

Speaking of that, FG realised their basic economic plan, seems reasonable enough, no more direct taxes, keeping the Corporation Tax steady, 45’000 person placement program. Decent stuff.

Yesterday, I spoke on the silliness that is #point plans to fix problems. Sinn Fein may have though that was a challenge because they have a 10 pointer. They seem to be taking the maxim “spend money to make money” rather seriously. Too seriously.

The weather is playing merry havoc with electioneering, lots of “abandoning” messages coming through from candidates on Twitter.

Parties are still getting into the swing of election time. I think Tuesday, and the apparent debate we’re having, will be crucial.

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