Football 10/11: vs Aston Villa (home)

Boom. Rooney’s back.

Excellent to see him get the goals. So much has been said about Rooney, by me and others, but if he can keep this going, it’s all good. Route One football at its best for the first, a slamming finish that I would have out money on him missing with his current form. Nani made the second, but Rooney still applied a fine volley to score it.

Not often you’ll see Vidic score one with his feet, and even less often will you see him score such a goal. Nice interplay with Rooney for that, it was obvious that the Villa defence was overly occupied with him.

Should have been more of course, especially with that first half barrage. Friedel kept it from being embarrassing.

A quality performance, United a game away from besting their previous unbeaten run in 1999. Wolves to come, never a team to underestimate.

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