And Here We Go (24 Days To Election)

The 30th Dail is done, with some good speeches seeing us off. Gormley especially I was quite surprised at, seemed like the kind of speech one makes when he has nothing to lose anymore. Kenny was confident, Gilmore was his usual and I didn’t really care what Sinn Fein had to say.

So, here we are. 25 days to go. Not much happening today beyond the Dail goodbyes. Sinn Fein have had some words to say about the Tipp HSE. The Green’s have been pulled into an incinerator dispute. O’ Dea is being somewhat penitent over his frontbench inclusion, (Sinn Fein must be annoyed about that). It’s quiet. For now.

Happened to catch some of The Frontline last night, not all. Thought Calleary was dull for FF, Bruton was enthusiastic but lacked substance for FG, Alan Kelly looked somewhat bored for Labour and Arthur Morgan looked like a convicted terrorist for Sinn Fein. Early days for those kind of debates, they’ll be more interesting as we go along. As for the discussion, it was so-so. Bruton’s idea for employment should have been the main point, with neither Fianna Fail, Labour or Sinn Fein likely to be in the position of implementing theirs, but I found the former FG deputy to be all talking points. The usual – investment, smart economy, taking some stuff from the pension fund etc, etc. He is a good speaker though, Bruton, and ran rings around Calleary and Kelly.

Lastly today, I missed the fact that former Limerick Mayor Kevin Kiely has quit Fine Gael to run as an Independent in the city. I’ll be adding him to subsequent predictions for the area, but for now I’ll just say that he doesn’t stand much chance of being elected (his activities as Mayor, commented upon here previously and then some will see to that) but he will draw votes away from Noonan and O’ Donnell. That won’t bother Noonan too much, but it’s another blow for O’ Donnell’s chances. Right now I’d slot Kiely in just above Quinlivan in the rankings, below Leddin and Power.

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