Football 10/11: vs Birmingham (home)

Considering the way that Birmingham essentially stole a draw out from under us, with one of the most illegal goals in the history of the sport, in the previous fixture this season, I am absolutely delighted that we gave them a pasting here.

Just a brilliant performance, nearly everything clicked into place. Berba got his positioning perfect throughout the game, Rooney was everywhere, Nani was a cheetah and Vidic/Ferdinand were rock solid at the back.

And Giggs, on the verge of another contract extension, continues to amaze with the effort he puts in. Special note must go to his goal, a result of some excellent tracking back from Berba, a great one touch cross ball from Rooney and a cool finish to the top of the net from the Welshmen.

It wasn’t all good. Nani was fast, but his final ball and most shots were of a terrible standard. With Valencia rapidly regaining fitness, he should be worried for his place in the team.

Birmingham, after the half-time break, just weren’t interested. Dire effort from them. United were just in total control for the vast majority of the game. Facing into the business end of the season, you won’t get many easier games than this. A slightly tougher prospect on Tuesday at Blackpool I think, one of those vital games in hand.

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