Better Know A Micro-Party: 32 County Sovereignty Movement

Name: 32 County Sovereignty Movement
Founded: 1997
Leader: Francis Mackey
Representation: None
Politically: Left
Associated With: Pro-Irish Unification, Anti-UK, Anti-EU…yeah, everything comes back to those.
Notable Members: None


A result of a split-off from Sinn Fein (yeah, another one) in 1997, by elements who felt the party wasn’t doing enough regards Irish unification, and opposed the workings of the peace process/Good Friday Agreement.

The group is plainly more militant then its sister organisations. Its ties to the Real-IRA mean that it is considered to be little more than the political front for a terrorist group.

Electoral Record

Hard to tell. The Party isn’t registered, so they could only run people as independents. As such, you can’t really tell how well they’ve done. It’s safe to say they don’t have a great record. Francie Mackey served as a local councillor for Omagh in the north right around the time of the Omagh bombing.

What They’ve Been Doing Lately

Apart from getting their name attached to protests, not much.

What They’ll Do In The Future

More of the same, lacking any elected representatives.

Chances In The Next Election 

No announced candidates, no independents trumpeting their association with the group. Impossible to tell, but it can’t be good.

NFBs View

It’s the front for a terrorist group. I really don’t have to say anything else. That’s the main reason for the brevity here, I’m included 32 CSM for the sheer sake of completion. I have little desire to talk about them.

Wait, I will. In researching, I found the site for the Limerick (my home town) branch of the 32 CSM. It trumpets a “demonstration” in September done by the group with the headline “Limerick Says No To Royal Visit”….with pictures of a few lads holding up a sign on O’ Connell Street. First I’d ever heard of it. Do me a favor lads, and stop claiming to speak for the whole city. This town won’t even elect a Sinn Fein TD, what makes you think you’re so popular?

Most Likely To Say: Ireland must be reunited!

Least Likely To Say: Yep, we’re terrorists.

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