Football 10/11: vs Tottenham (away)

Frustrating game to watch. Spurs pressed, having most of the possession of most of the game, but didn’t have the killer instinct to get the goal. United had their own chances, far less than Spurs, but we couldn’t get the strike needed either.

It was a game for defences to shine, and United’s was positively radiant. Vidic and Ferdinand had as good games as I’ve ever seen them play. Rock solid, dealing with the constant flanking attacks from Bale and the many, many corners that Spurs were awarded. If Rooney never scores again, he can still be a right back, on the basis of the effort he put in today in that area of the pitch.

Midfield was iffy and has not been performing to scratch lately, especially in the center. Anderson is making a quite a case for a permanent introduction in that area, rather than just as a sub. Berba had little supply and nothing to do, while Hernandez demonstrated excellent tracking back during his time on the pitch.

Mike Dean had an utterly awful game. I’m not sure if the controversy in the last fixture between these two clubs affected his thinking, but he blew way too much, gave out too many cards and sent Rafael off for next to nothing. Let me ask you: In what other job could an employee display such clear and irrefutable incompetence, yet be defended by his employers, with those who criticise him being punished for doing so? I have very little sympathy for Referee’s these days.

Both sides could have won it and I’m happy with the draw, this being one of the tougher games we had left this season. Spurs continue to challenege for the top four places, but they need to start winning more of these big games. Most of the United team are playing quite well, we just need to click a little better.

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