Football 10/11: vs Stoke (home)

Not a terribly exiting game. Three shots on target and all of them were goals. It’s another example of United phoning it in to get the three points. i can only hope the sort of tired looking football we’re seeing is an intentional thing, meant to make the squad fitter for the game that actually matter, like say Liverpool on Sunday.

United made a few more chances and took them, which was the real difference. Neither side played bad (or well) we were just that little bit more clinical in attack. Excellent opener from Chicarito, though he seemed to vanish for the rest of the game. Stoke were extremely fortunate with their equalizer, Smalling caught badly out of position. Nani had a typically bi-polar game, but got an excellent winner.

I wasn’t happy to see United take their foot off the gas in the last ten minutes, something that’s becoming increasingly common.

Much bigger game coming up at the weekend, for both clubs. Our FA Cup record hasn’t been stellar the last few years and Roy Hodgson is clinging on at Anfield. Important day.

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