Better Know A Micro-Party: Fis Nua

Another new one. And this one seems oddly familiar…

Name: Fis Nua
Founded: 2010
Leader: None
Representation: None
Politically: Left-Centre
Associated With: Pro-Environment, Pro-Political Reform, Pro-Housing Schemes, Pro Tax Reform, Pro Universal Health-Care, Anti-Fees, Anti-Corruption
Notable Members: None


Founded in June of this year, Fis Nua (New Vision) are a kind of Green Party spin-off. Its’ “federated” so it contains influence from a wide amount of groups and organisations. Having adopted a constitution and a manifesto, the group has spent its time holding conventions and garnering as much press attention as it can (not terribly successfully).

Electoral Record

Not applicable.

What They’ve Been Doing

Like all of the “new” parties, not a whole lot other than get organised. Fis Nua has been holding plenty of meetings and have not only adopted a constitution and manifesto, but have already amended to a large degree. One might wonder whether that’s a good thing or not, but that’s how the party’s been operating. Apart from that, they’ll have been doing what every other new party has been doing, which is to try to get noticed. But, Fis Nua isn’t doing that well: This link is blank at time of writing.

What They’ll Do In The Future

A lot, they claim. Whistleblower legislation, lots more environmental laws, demerging banks, reducing VAT, reducing TD numbers, universal healthcare, no fees, a Luas system and….wait.

This is, by and large, the Labour Youth manifesto I’ve commented on previously. Huh? An odd coincidence I hope, so it doesn;t appear that Fis Nua are an LY front. If anything, they’re supposed to be a spin-off of the Green’s though they have a broad range of issues in their manifesto.

Chances In The Next Election

Slim. They are yet to announce the running of any candidates, and I doubt they would achieve any electoral success based on their lack of exposure.

NFB’s View

Green-lite? Maybe. They have a varied and wide-ranging constitution and lots of enthusiasm amongst their membership (though how many they have is another matter entirely). Some oddballs in that grouping though, judging by some of the proposed amendments to their manifesto:

Motion No. 22 (rejected)

“We would revisit the Brehon Laws and how these laws would enhance our own Judicial system, i.e retribution instead of punishment in some cases.”

Yeah… Fis Nua strike me as well-meaning but hopeless. Their manifesto contains a lot of promises, things they couldn’t hope to afford in the fantasy land where they are in power. They have no place in the spotlight whatsoever. Some internet discussion, an all-too-brief bit of interest upon their founding (all put towards the Green Party members involved).

This will be the undoing of most of the new parties for the upcoming election of course, and the true test will be which of them can actually keep going past that point. Fis Nua, if they want to be serious about this, have to be thinking about the election after next.

Most Likely To Say: “Ireland needs change…”

Least Likely To Say: “…and we’re not going to be it!”

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5 Responses to Better Know A Micro-Party: Fis Nua

  1. michelle kenny says:

    They say all the right things but if you scratch the surface its the same old same old , they support the corrupt system that has been in place for 100yrs, they think its a good idea to give a corrupt government with an appaling record of child safety and protection more powers by changing the constitution that is there to protect us from the very same corruption in the first place, a big thumbs down for Fis nua!

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  4. HandsofBlue says:

    I just deleted a very stupid comment. Jesus Christ people, grow up.

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