Football 10/11: vs Birmingham

Disgusted. With the lack of killer instinct, the illegal equalizer, the ESPN hate machine I had no choice but to listen to…

Just didn’t finish it off. Lots of chances, lots of good passing, but just could not get that ball in the goal a second time. No one played bad, they just can’t get into the comfort zone.

Oh, and goal. Three, count’em, three infringements on the rules. A push, a handball, an uncalled offside. All three of which, separately, could have been seen and acted upon by either a goalline official or a 10 second video referral.

But hey! That would mean the better team would get all the points! We can’t have that can we? That all capped another god-awful display of flip-flop style referring, with double standards, unneccessary yellow cards, diving ignored…

Bad, bad standard of officiating these days.

And ESPN. They just don’t like us. At all. Rest assured, if United had got an equalizer like that, we would be the devil incarnate, the disgrace of football, all that is wrong with the world…all Birmingham get is a paltry “that might have been offside” from the commentators. Rubbish.

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