Better Know A Micro-Party: Irish Liberals

One of the newer ones again – and not much to say.

Name: Irish Liberal Party
Founded: 2010
Leader: Unknown
Representation: None
Politically: Left
Associated With: Anti-Big Government, Pro-Environment, Pro-Political, Social and Pension Reform, Pro-Tax Cuts, Pro-Free Market
Notable Members: None


Short and sweet. The party was set up in the summer and, even according to their own “News/Events” section, (blank, as of this posting date) haven’t done much but try and get registered as a party.

Electoral Record

Not Applicable

What They’ve Done In The Past

Mostly, like I said, try to get registered. To that end a lot of online discussions and not a lot else.

What They’ll Do In The Future

If they get registered? And stand someone? And get elected?

Reform, reform, reform. Of the constitution, of social welfare,pf pensions, of the tax system, of moat of the political system. The ILP also calls for better regulation of banking (I’d like to see a party that doesn’t call for that nowadays). Generally, if it can be described as even somewhat liberal, they are calling for it.

Chances In The Next Election

Slim. Might not get registered, might not run anyway, we don’t even know who’s in the party.

NFBs View

I can appreciate and respect many of their policies. It’s all fairly rational stuff. But, ultimately, it’s all very vague and very amateurish. We don’t hear anything about the ILP where it matters – the actual press – and they just don’t seem to be doing much. I wouldn’t pay them much attention right now. If they are serious, they’ll keep building up the party for a proper go in the election after next.

Most Likely To Say: We’re hoping to get the members needed to get on the register soon…

Least Likely To Say: …but we probably won’t get them.

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