Football 10/11: vs Arsenal

Great performance, maybe the best of the season so far. Got the result and looked good doing it. Park’s goal was an excellent bit of heading and only the heroics of the Londoners keeper kept them from getting embarrassed.

Arsenal’s typical passing game just kept hitting a brick wall. Time and after time they were stuck shifting the ball around outside the box, United doing a perfect job is shutting them out.

And as always seems to happen with Arsenal when the play Man Utd, they were so, so vulnerable on the break. United’s counter attack should have finished them off, especially Nani, but the shooting boots just weren’t quite up to the task of putting the Gunners to the sword. Rooney’s penalty was quite bad, though the manner in which it was awarded would seem to make it all fair. 

The United defence definitely had their best game of the year by a wide margin, and the wings were always threatening. If only we can get the forwards playing consistently again, something that seems less and less likely in Rooney’s case, this team would be unstoppable in its current form.

As it is, we’re hitting our stride just as Chelsea hit a major blip and this Sunday is ever so important. With United three points clear and with a game in hand, we could actually afford to lose at Stamford Bridge and retain an advantage, but I think we are fully capable of getting a result. A draw would be just fine.

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