Better Know A Micro-Party: Amhran Nua

Ok, let’s try one of the newest ones.

Name: Amhran Nua
Founded: 2009
Leader: Ronan Burke
Representation: None
Politically: Centre-Left (has been described by members as being an Irish version of the UKs Lib Dems).
Associated With: Pro-Tax Reform, Pro-Welfare Cuts, Pro-“Dutch” healthcare, Pro-EU, Pro-Voting Reform, Anti-Big government, Anti-Education Cuts, Anti-Quango, Anti-Emigration and more
Notable Members: Being honest, none.


Short, very short. Founded in october of last year by Galway man Ronan Burke, Amhran Nua’s limited history has been spent outlining its positions, garnering as much media attention as possible and preparing for the coming election.

Electoral Record

Not Applicable.

What They’ve Done Lately

Really, not much. The party seems to be spending what time it has in trying to get more recognition from media outlets, but it’s not going so well. Aside form a brief flurry if interest when they were founded, the party has been largely ignored. They’ve got some pieces published in local media outlets but that’s about it. Perhaps due to their small membership, they have been smaller.

What They’ll Do In The Future

Hopefully, get enough signatories to contest the election as a political party (presumably, the fallback is as Independent candidates). From there? Well, they have wide-ranging plans, as can be seen in their fairly comprehensive website. They have ideas for every facet of Irish life, from reorganisation of the military, to voting reform to a reduction in the size of the government.

More realistically speaking, an AN TD could be reasonable said to be in-line with Labor party on most issues.

Chances In The Next Election

Based on their fortunes so far, not great. They seem to be finding it difficult to even be registered as a political party, and their list of representatives on the website are limited to Galway and Clare. Presuming that those are the areas they will focus on for the Election, they’ll be up against long-serving party TDs in constituencies that have historically not favored the smaller organisations or Independents.

NFBs View

They have some excellent policies listed on their website, and appear to have covered all of the bases. Of course, to be blunt, it’s all horseshit. Amhran Nua and their members know they haven’t a hope of being in a position to implement any of these ideas.

The result is that AN have the freedom to basically promise the sun, moon and stars, since they’ll never have to actually deal with the problems of being in power. It’s something that nearly all of the Micro-Party’s face.

As it is, I;d find myself supporting most of ANs initiatives and ideas and I can;t say that for most of the political parties. Everything seems fair and reasonable, if just a tad idealistic. I would be pleased if AN could get some representation, even at local level, since they seem to be a fairly rational organisation.

I do think its  bad sign when the party’s founder is explaining his position on an internet forum. But, when needs must.

Most Likely To Say: I propose this completely rational and uncontroversial policy!

Least Likely To Say: Woo, I just got elected!

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