Football 10/11: vs Valencia (home)

Really more of a friendly game then anything, and thats how it was played. Very fast and loose. A draw really was fair, considering how poor United were in the first half and how they came back in the second.

We really should have won it but so many people just did not have their striking boots on. Rooney continues to edge ever closer to hitting his stride but is still not getting the goals he needs, Berba is once again jumping from amazing to awful, and the midfield is far too hesitant to actually shoot from outside the box.

Good to see Anderson get on the scoresheet though. He does put a lot of effort in, most of it unseen.

A night the defence will want to go forget, way too vulnerable to the counter-attack. Work to be done for the knock-out rounds, but we got there, topping a group that, while not too difficult, still presented a few challenges. Too lucky strikes in away games, against Valencia and Rangers, sealed it.

I will comment on the Champions League draw when it is made.

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