Football 10/11: vs West Ham (League Cup)

Another that I missed due to commitments elsewhere. Just as well really. The B team had a bad night but few United fans will be crying tears over the League Cup. Sure we’re the holders but ask any United fan what they’d prefer: the League Cup or a point away at Chelsea, and you know what the answer would be. Hell offer me the choice of the League Cup or a guaranteed three points against Blackpool at the weekend and I know what I’d pick. Every time.

In brief: Bebe was disappointing, the defence jittery and poor, and West Ham simply wanted it more. In a weird way that disallowed goal (the correct decision though it took too long to get there) simply spurred the Hammers on more.

Life goes on. Blackpool to come, interesting game. I have no doubt that the December schedule will fuck Blackpool up and leave them reeling, just as it does to every new team, but we’re not there yet. They’ll fancy their chances, as odd as it sounds.

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