Football 10/11: vs Blackburn

Wow. That was a thrashing, the like of which I haven’t seen United carry out in a while.

Robinson went down under Anderson’s challenge, but got up when he seemed to realise the Ref wasn’t stopping the game. If he hadn’t dawdled looking for a stoppage he might have been in a a position to stop Berba’s first, but he wasn’t and I have little sympathy.

From there, Rovers remained in the game, but United had the much slicker passing, better teamwork, especially between Rooney and Berbatov. The second goal was not unexpected and with it, Blackburn seemed to stop trying. Berba’s second was lucky but an indication of just how bad Rovers were playing.

And in the second it was one brilliant counter-attack after another. The midfield and the attack all in perfect sync. Some of the team seemed to rest on their laurels towards the end allowing Rovers a consolation, but that’s all it was.

Rooney had an excellent game, though I don’;t think he had a single shot at goal. Lots of tracking back, lots of harrying the opposition, a lot of unselfish play. He deserved a goal for the effort he out in, and I’m confident that it will come soon. But Berbatov was indeed the star of the show, joining that exclusive club of players who have hit 5 goals in a single EPL game.

Not much else to say really, excellent performance.

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