Football 10/11: vs Rangers (away)

Not a great performance, but we were helped by the desperately poor showing of the Scottish Champions who have proven again that the standard of football in the north of Britain isn’t anywhere near the level it often claims to be.

Rooney is the big story and he had as bad a game as I have ever seen him have. Got the penalty, converted well, but it only puts a small bit of gloss on an otherwise bad night. Too much straying out of position by the strikers, a lot of poor crosses. Defence had a few wobbly moments, but Rangers were far too poor to take advantage. The Scots played far too deep, despite the fact that they were still in with a chance to reach the next round. Not European material, not the Champions League at least.

Carrick is also proving a bit of worry, not having anything resembling the form that he should have. With Scholes playing less and less, he should be filling that void but he is not.

Still, progression attained, all that is left to fight for being who finishes first and second. I’m never too worried about that: in the knock-out stages there are no bad teams and to win the CL you will have to play, and beat, the best eventually.

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2 Responses to Football 10/11: vs Rangers (away)

  1. I don’t think either team was willing to fully commit tbh, good performance and some good play in parts though, don’t know when/if Rooney will get his groove back

  2. HandsofBlue says:

    I’m seriously beginning to wonder if he ever will.

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