The Four Year Plan: Defence Cuts

It is going to be largely overlooked in the wake of the release of the four-year plan (a plan that, for the record, I don’t think has a hope of being maintained as it is set out especially by a FG/Lab controlled Dail) but the thing also has serious implications for the Department of Defence and the Irish Defence Forces.

It calls for the department to make over 100 million in savings over the four-year period, starting with 25 million next year. How? Well, crippling the service basically. More so.

Cutting civilian workers. Cutting the amount of money set aside for foreign deployments. deferment or cancellation of new buildings equipment or maintenance projects (goodbye new ships) and cuts of pay across the board. And, eventually, reductions in the amount of actual personnel. Combine that with recent recruitment and promotion freezes and the lack of any thing for the IDF to actually do.

So, I would say that this kind of thing, perhaps unavoidable, is sending a very clear signal to the armed forces, a not inconsiderable amount of people, that they are some of the last in line. Does the IDF have a future in “the current economic climate”? At best, it seems to be a future where it becomes nothing more than a token, ceremonial force, maintained only for the sake of appearances.

As it is, I would actually be fearful of any kind of commitment to the Lebanon, as has been hinted by some quarters to be coming in the next year. At this rate we will be unable to furnish troops with the proper modern equipment needed, as well as being unable to repair anything that gets broken. If we do go, and I have a feeling that the leadership will insist upon it, it’ll have to a very small commitment.

Though, I imagine some of the soldiers would be delighted for the chance to get off this sinking ship for a while.

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1 Response to The Four Year Plan: Defence Cuts

  1. declan says:

    the goverenment could easily reduce the idf to seven thousand when it is fully relocated to the curragh camp as intended with less 24 hour duties to do and less military exercise to do because of the cost of them and no un mission to serve on it means a surplus of around one thousand personnell all ranks they should not be deployed to lebanon as the mission was complete which was to observe the withdrawl of israels armed forces from lebanons incurison zone {border}. the current leaders of the idf only want a mission for something do and keep jobs and by the way the un pay each soldier an equivalent of a weeks salary they earn 600 euro per week gross at home due to the current climate a soldier should not be paid almost one thousand euro per week while sereving overseas with the un this money should be cut by the un after the government take a larger cut to around 300 euro per week as the soldier still earns around thirty thousand gross per year for domestic duty here at home on a full time basis. as regards service all ranks recive a pension from 21 years service up to 31years no ranks should be allowed to serve more than 31 and no more two year contracts after max pensionable service and no officer be allowed to sereve more than 31 years service idf are they only armed forces in europe that allow its personnell serve until sixy years of age

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