Election 2011: Coverage Preview!

So, we will, either in early January if the budget fails, or late January/early February if it doesn’t have an election soon. An important one, though the general result is very obvious.

So what will NFB be doing throughout election season? Three things right now:

1. I will be commentating day-to-day on the campaign and any issues that arise therein. This includes polls, debates, quotes, policies all the way up to election day itself.

2. A rundown of each of the candidates (7 so far and more to come) in the Limerick City constituency.

3. Something I’ve been planning for a while now: Better Know A Micro-Party, a closer look at as many of Ireland’s smaller political organisations (that is, those with no representation in the Dail) as I can find who have probably never had as a big a chance to effect things as now.

This all leads up to Polling Day of course. WordPress.com blogs have no liveblog software (only.org has that feature) but I’ll still do my damnedest to cover everything that’s going on in as “live” a fashion as is possible all the way up to the result of the final seat.

So, you have all that to look forward to.

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