Football 10/11: vs Wigan

Interesting game. The two red cards, both deserved, didn’t quite finish it as a contest, but from the second half onwards, United never look in trouble. Wigan missed their chances in the first to have a big impact on the game. They were doing a great job of shutting the door in United’s face, but that one moment where they lost concentration sealed it with Evra’s header.

From there, and with the sudden lack of composure in tackling, it was just a waiting game until United’s second, a neat header from Chicarito. Rooney didn’t really impress in the time that he had, his near point-blank miss something that he’ll have to get over fast. His cool reception from the fans will only change when/if he starts scoring again.

Good weekend for the Devils, with Chelsea and Arsenal both suffering bad losses. Those dropped points in our many away draws suddenly seem less serious as we’ve somehow managed to get level on points with the champions within a very short period of time. I fear Arsenal have begun their by now annual flounder a bit earlier then usual.

United continue to show off their most crucial trait of getting three points while playing mediocre. That’s what’ll get you a league.

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