One Reason Palestine Will Never Be An Independent State…

…is that they are nowhere near to being capable of fighting their own corner, diplomatically speaking. And are in fact, this close to facing the biggest possible obstacle in gaining recognition that any country could face: the active opposition of this planet’s only superpower.

I mentioned last week that the major problem with the Israeli-Palestine negotiations was that they really weren’t a negotition, they were a series of talks where everyone asked the Israelis to give in to demands to stop settlement building in exchange for…more talks about how Israel shouldn’t build settlements in disputed areas.

Not a good deal and Israel, unsurprisingly, were not interested. Enter America and some pricey aircraft, military aid and the kicker: a pledge to use their UN Security Council veto to stop any formal recognition of Palestinian state in the future.

And that, if it goes through, is checkmate for Palestinian prospects of independence. It’ll be a duel state, partial autonomy within Israel or nothing. With America openly pledged to stop their sovereignty from ever becoming a reality, no other western nation will dare to do so, not even Ireland.

So, if this agreement is goes through, and I have no doubt that Israel will approve of it, it’s a bad thing for those Palestinnians of an independent nature, though the effect might be more tangible in the long run. Just so we’re clear, I am not saying that a fully independent Palestinian state should be an option or would be a good thing for the people of tha area.

But this will cause further problems, for each of the three parties, down the road. And all so we can go back to having this same argument 90 days from now.

And the circle turns again in the Holy Land…

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