Football 10/11: vs Man City

Not exactly the game everyone was expecting, for a few factors.

On the United side, injury, flu and a defensive/counter-attacking mindset dominated proceedings. With only one striker playing, and he was constantly not forward, we could never really hope to get more than a few opportunities in this game. None of them, when they came, really pressured the keeper. That being said, I can’t really pick out anyway for a poor game. Carrick was sort of anonymous for most of the gae and Ferdinand had a few dodgy moments but that was about it.

On the City side, just a general lack of cohesion and imagination going forward. Tevez looked ordinary and Silva was non-existent. I wonder if maybe the sheer volume of player at City who either haven’t been there for more than a few seasons or are foreign anyway don’t understand the importance of this fixture as they never seem as motivated as United to win it.

United were the better team but a lack of shooting prowess denied them a victory. As it is, I’m happy with the point considering the myriad of problems that the team is facing at the moment.

Briefly, just to talk about Blackpool. They’re doing well enough, but it’s so very obvious that the cracks are starting to show. Manager getting stressed, leaking goals at bad times and we haven’t even hit the paced December schedule yet. Like Hull two years ago, this team is going to crash and burn once Christmas is over.

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