Google Maps: Bookies New Favourite To Start World War Three

A highly tense stand-off between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is apparently down to a very notable discrepancy in Google Maps.

I’ve talked about some issues with Google Maps in Limerick before, but this is on a whole different level. I suspect that Nicaragua might be pulling a little bit of a stunt here, the idea of a modern military not having its own maps on the borders between its territory and its rival sounding a little odd.

But, if true, it’s a measure of how much of an effect the internet can have in geo-political circles. And as others reports, it’s not the first time that Google Maps made such a mistake.

I’m guessing, if Google Maps existed in 1939, they probably would have listed Alsace-Lorraine as German, then apologised six years later for the “error”.

My point being, even if I’m making it in a hyperbolic way, it’s all fun and games until tanks are coming over the border. A border they don’t know exists.

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2 Responses to Google Maps: Bookies New Favourite To Start World War Three

  1. cinverd says:

    Interesting that a company’s information, i.e. Google, took precedence over the countries government.. though I suspect Nicaragua would take any excuse.. it is a little scary the influence that some companies have.

  2. HandsofBlue says:

    I can imagine a scenario where a Nicaraguan Officer saw a Costa Rican flag in the distance, imagined it might have been some sort of “counting coup” type thing because he wasn’t sure of the geographey and acted on it with just a quick check of whatever info was avaliable to hand.

    But Occum’s Razor is screaming “Some army unit did it unordered to piss the Costa Ricans off and the government of Nicaragua are trying to deflect blame”.

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