Football 10/11: vs Wolves (EPL)

It was a bad performance, and a lucky result, due to a number of factors. Firstly, that flu bug that’s been going around Carrington appears to have had a greater effect on the team then we were led to believe. Secondly, I imagine a bit of the gameplan went out the window when Hargreaves walked off. Thirdly, bit of a Euro hangover, I think.

Anyway, we won, so that’s good. Park was the man of the match, great positioning for his first and nice bit of skill for the second. Wolves, especially in the last 20 minutes were trying the same thing over and over which was to crowd the penalty area with player and make sure no attacker didn’t have two men to deal with.

You could see Park trying to get free in the box plenty of times, teeing up a shot, then flicking around instead, repeat. It finnaly worked in the 93rd minute, when the Wolves defender committed to a block for a shot that never came.

For the rest of the team, fatigue and flu took their toll. Slow, uncoordinated for the most part. Bebe, though he maybe didn’t expect to play, had a shocker with cross after cross sailing wide. Hernandez is beginning to look a little pissed off at what defenders are being let do with him, especially during set-plays. That might have been motivation for his ridicules dive, and after last week, no way he wasn’t getting a yellow card.

As for Hargreaves, I suspect it might be time for him to give it up. Coming back from such a long absence, and then your hamstring goes? Someone is trying to send that man a sign.

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