Protest Protesting

“The State guarantees…The right of the citizens to express freely their convictions and opinions…(and) the right of the citizens to assemble peaceably and without arms.”

So, the hard left-wing crowd ruined a perfectly good protest.

I know people who were there and I know people involved in the organising of this protest. And I feel a deep sense of sympathy for them, as their cause has been tarnished, hijacked and taken over by a bunch of self-entitled morons who don’t seem to know the limits of their own rights.

I mean, ask yourself, why would the guards turn violent? Why would they do that? With every person there holding some form of recording equipment?

No, no, no. As is ALWAYS the case, some of the protestors thought “we’ll have a go/we’ll get in the papers”. We’ll barge into a government building, damage it, refuse to leave when asked. We’ll moan when the Guards push us back, conveniently ignore the Garda who wound up in hospital. We’ll break a Garda’s nose and complain when they arrest some of us.

The Garda should have handled it better, I keep hearing. Yeah. The Garda should have just stood there, being verbally and physically abused, letting a bunch of students disrupt a government building. Why the fuck not.

Jesus, where do these people think they live? Revolutionary France?

Peaceably. You have the right to assemble peaceably. That means you don’t throw things, or get in Guards faces or force your way into a government building.

This whole fiasco, that brings the entire march into disrepute unfairly, is the result primarily of FEE, who, among other examples of abject stupidity, trumpet the involvement of groups like the 32 County Sovereignty Movement. You know, the political wing of the Real IRA. The ones behind Omagh. Classy people, the lot of them.

Anyway, if you will allow some self-quoting, I’ll finish this rant with something from my last post on a violent protest:

The actions of (some) protestors today…were moronic in the extreme. Frankly, you embarrassed yourselves and you have identified your cause with reckless, illegal behavior. Well done.

Also, for anyone who dares to claim “police brutality” or any such nonsense. If you are physically threatening someone, anyone, the Guards are entitled to use force to stop you. You’re lucky if all you got was arrested.

P.S: FEE sure had that “statement” written up and ready to go real quick didn’t they? Almost like it was written before hand…

P.P.S: I was really impressed with the number that the USI were able to get into Dublin today. I think that does bear mentioning, once we get past the selfish actions of the minority.

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3 Responses to Protest Protesting

  1. Gareth says:

    Well Said.

    \violence is always going to make your protest look bad, It takes away from the message (i.e students can’t afford to pay a €3000 ‘registration’ fee.)

  2. HandsofBlue says:

    It is an awful shame, because the registration fee issue is important. Too important to be hijacked like this. People put a lot of work into organising this thing, and it annoys me to see a lot of that hard work swept away.

  3. I_Avian says:

    Good post, I’ve been ranting about this a fair bit today myself.

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