Football 10/11: vs Bursaspor (away)

Now that was a good professional performance.

It helps that Bursaspor might be the worst team remaining in the tournament. Not much of threat in this game or in the last. For United, it was a case of patiently waiting for their opportunity and they all cam along in the second. Three excellent strikes: Fletcher keeping his cool, Obertan, usually unable to hit a barn door, hitting home well and even Bebe getting a go (though I maintain the defender got far more of the ball on its way in).

Another quality performance and that seems to be the first time we’ve done that in two games running. Some tough challenges coming up – Wolves again, Man City, Villa – but we’re not looking too bad. Concern with Nani and Fletcher picking up knocks but I’m not seeing any indications that they’ll be out for very long. Things are picking up. One more point needed to get into the knock-out stages.

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