Bye, Bye, Bye Election?

This is just getting embarrassing. We all know why the government isn’t pushing for the bye-election to take place. We all know why the Referendum on Children’s Rights isn’t going ahead.

The High Court has gone as far as it can legally go in condemning the government for not holding the election in Donegal to replace Pat Gallagher seat. After all, there actually is no legally defined time for bye-elections to be held, not in the law, not in the constitution. If the Government does choose to take this matter to the Supreme Court, it will rule in the Government’s favor (though probably with the same inflammatory language of the High Court).

That doesn’t make it any less unfair and bad-minded of course. The Government, right now, if everyone who usually votes for them and everyone who doesn’t continues to do so, have a majority of just three.

So, that number four is a big ominous number.

I dunno. From McDaid’s resignation, to this, quite impressive,  High Court success for Sinn Fein to the constant shifting figures being thrown about on the budget, I’m not so sure its gonna pass anymore. Last week, I have said without hesitation that it would and that the government would stumble on for another few months.

Not quite so sure anymore. It is really starting to unravel for Fianna Fail. They can’t cling on much longer. For many of the backbenchers, it may come to a choice of voting against the budget and standing a better chance of re-election, or voting for it and desperately hoping that the subsequent months give Fianna Fail a boost.

I know what I’d do. And it wouldn’t involve loyalty to Fianna Fail.

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