NFB: A Rocket To The Stars!

I’m not sure why, but yesterday was NFBs most successful day since I started it 4 months ago.

The daily numbers are quite small. The previous record was 82. Then, on Saturday, we hit 94. Sunday, 158.

And while that seems small-fry, in comparison to blogs that get thousands of hits a day, it’s big news to me. I’m someone used to seeing the things I write get read by me alone, academic correctors, or my 6 person RPG group. The fact that this site has recorded 3’700 hits in 4 months is something I find startling.

I’m not sure where the numbers came from. My Shannonwatch post, which has generated a bit of discussion, brought in a lot of traffic but so did the main page. Maybe the weekend, the lack of any big news story, and the support of good friends helped too.

So thanks to all my readers, those who click my links out of friendly obligation, those who enjoy my take on politics and history, those who think I’m some stupid kid with no idea of what I’m writing about (Hi jombobeire!) and those spam programs from the male yeast infection sites.

I didn’t start this site for hits or publicity, though it’s all good. I started it because I wanted somewhere I could write down the crap I’m always thinking of, pontificating on, arguing with others about.

In that regard, NFB has more than fulfilled its purpose. So, thanks blog!

So, what does the author have lined up for you guys? Well, later today “To Ourselves”, the first post series I started on the individual articles of the Irish constitution, makes its return from an apathy induced hiatus. “Decisive Battles” should be stopping by a little patch of ground called Breitenfeld within the week, where we’ll chat with Swedish King Gustavus “Father of Modern Warfare” Adolphus and “It Is Not War” will also be back soon, this time looking at the final battle of Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood, aka “D-Day in the 12th century”.

And with Dominicon fast approaching, I’ll have more RPG themed posts, and I’m sure that, the way things are going, you can look forward to NFBs Irish election coverage before too long.

And of course, reviews on whatever I happen to be reading/watching and, as always, commentary on Politics, Sports, Warfare and More!

Now, let’s see if I can stick to all that.

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2 Responses to NFB: A Rocket To The Stars!

  1. Sinead says:

    *waves from a new follower*

    Liking what I see so far =)

  2. cinverd says:

    Oya! Keep up the good work..

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