Bill Bailey – Dandelion Mind

Excellent show, a big improvement on Tinselworm. Bailey is one of those comedians who is able to have a pre-arranged routine he can fall back on in any location, but can introduce local material and successfully interact with the audience in a brilliant way.

It’s a show with a  nice mixture of stories, one-liners, music and sheer insanity with the artist never staying on one type for two long, part of his charm. Of particular note is a brief musical interlude played with a Japanese tenori-on, a relatively new electronic musical instrument.

In terms of the actual humor, Bailey takes his shots at public figures (my favourite being a dig at former Australian PM Kevin Rudd. Who ever heard of a head of state called Kevin?) but most of it is more  skewed views of everyday situations that Bailey does brilliantly.

DVD out for Christmas. Recommended.

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1 Response to Bill Bailey – Dandelion Mind

  1. Gail Costelloe says:

    Have to disagree with him being able to successfully introduce local material, that was pretty sparse. Its very English politics / sport / people etc based.
    But hes still awesome. I hope he releases an album of the Musical Stylings of Kraftwerk.

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