Football 10/11: vs Scunthorpe

A doddle.

Like so many of those lower league sides that come up against the big guns, Scunthorpe were able to make a game of it for a half, but after Smalling put United in front, they never really looked like getting back into it.

I think for these smaller teams, the succesful formula has to be the score early and just hold that lead long enough that the opposing side starts to panic, loses cohesion, etc. That’s what happened to Liverpool last night, who spent nearly the entire game chasing Northampton. United were able to level up very quickly with a nicely taken lob from Gibson and Scunthorpe just seemed deflated.

Owen and Park were the ones to wrap it up and the score was an accurate reflection of how the game went. Kuszczak was the real stand out wobbler, but every one else put in the performance that was needed. Bebe will be the big talking point, and he didn’t look half bad in the brief time he was on, though the quality of the opposition precludes actual judgement on his form.

Onward march United, looking for their third League Cup in a row. I have renewed interest in this competition since United starting taking it seriously, but it’s still the 4th objective of the season. If Bebe, Gibson, Obertan and Owen want to shine, they really will have to do it here.

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