Decisive Battles: Addendum Returns

I’m dumping the Battle of Madrid (1936). I included it as the first example of wide scale strategic bombing of civilian targets, and its associated failures.

However, having covered the Battle of Britain today, I realise it’s a far better example of the concept to draw on, even if it wasn’t the first time it happened. Madrid has little else to promote it as a decisive battle. No great technological innovations or macro-historical importance.

So, what to replace it with? Hmm. I considered a lot of options, from Cannae to Trafalgar to Cambrai.

Be I’m going with the siege of Constantinople in 1453 for a variety of reason that I’ll get into another time. Briefly, it’s the last act of the Roman Empire, the establishment of the Ottomans as a great power and is largely considered the end of the Middle Ages.

So, you have that to look forward too!

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