Football 10/11: vs Andorra

Easy, easy.

It’s Andorra. I know it sounds patronising but the only question was how much of a win it would be.

No one had a bad game. How could they? Some slip ups from the defence led to the Andorran goal but that was about it. McGeady was a constant threat, and Doyle might just excel in his role behind Keane. Three good goals, and no major problems to be reported. Andorra took theirs well, but they never really looked like challenging.

Even Gibson got some time on the pitch, though it was limited. Top of the group which is great to see at this early stage.

I’m still concerned with how the team will measure up against the tougher opposition. Slovakia appear to be the big test after winning away to Russia. The Cossacks are next in October and I think we are capable, with Duff back and the team more match fit, of getting three points. If we do, we’ve already left Russia, the first seeds, way behind.

Good times. Let’s hope it lasts.

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