Football 10/11: vs West Ham

Another doddle, which was exactly what you need after failing to get 3 points against Fulham.

The result is important but equally so is the fact that Rooney has finally ended his goal drought as many expected him to. United just toyed with the Hammers for the most part, almost just running passing drills for large parts of the second half. I note a tendency to avoid taking any kind of shot that’s risky, in favor of passing the ball around. It’s somewhat frustrating to watch but effective against those teams with a weak defence.

Nani is up and down like always, bad last week and inspiring yesterday. Nice little solo run for his goal. And Berbatov looks to be showing signs of consistent form finally, with a well taken third.

Berba is a difficult player to defend and I despair of it sometimes. But at least he appears to actually like playing for the club at this point as opposed to his first year where he could barely bring himself to raise a hand in celebration when he scored.

The serious business of the season has yet to really start. Everton next in Goodison, a difficult test as always.

Also, Tevez, what the hell was that?

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