The Expendables

There are many explosions in this movie.

It’s decent action fare. You don’t watch these movies for plot or acting quality. You watch them to see a man get blown to pieces by an automatic shotgun.

That’s what you get from Stallone.

It has a little bit of heart in it, mostly from Micky Rourke’s character, but that just gets brushed under the table anytime the shooting starts. And the fight scenes are good. They manage to hit all the boxes fairly well: car chase, martial arts, wrestling, building assault, one on many, and the final showdown.

This really is a movie where the only thing missing is the cast winking at the audience. It’s all a very deliberate in-joke/cliché type movie from start to finish, from the jests about Jet Li’s size to the conflicted bad guy.

Plenty of flaws to point out though. Willis and Schwarzenegger are in this movie barely long enough to say they were in the movie. Ditto Eric Roberts as the bad guy. And, as you’d expect, the mercenary crew really only has two members (Stallone and Statham) with the rest being little more than moving props.

But it has explosions, and big knives and automatic shotguns and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin fighting Randy Couture in pit of fire. That’s all you need for an hour and a half.


P.S. That bit with the attacking seaplane was my favourite.

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