Excellent flick.

Nolan creates an utterly fascinating world, and a genuinely moving and emotional story for Cobb. We are given a story that could, in the hands of a less capable director, become impossibly complicated to follow. Instead, everything, from the ‘Inception’ idea to the dream levels and kicks is easy to follow. Moreover, the movie successfully blends science fiction, adventure and heist movies into one seemless entertaining package.

Great fight scenes, cleverly done, never boring. The movie’s going a mile a minute in the last half, and the variety in the combat is the main reason it stays good.

Still some problems. Cobb is the main focus, and most of the rest don’t get too big a chance to shine. They don’t have their own sub-plots or much development, beyond their interactions with Cobb himself.

As for the ending, which has gotten much flak, I think it’s fair to say it was falling over. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that Cobb was moving on from his dream/reality obsession.

Oh and a wonderful score, blended into the movie very effectively. Really drove home the critical portions of the movie.

Highly recommended.

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