Iraq: Can The House Of Cards Stand?

No electricity. Battered infrastructure. Fractured government. Dispute with neighbours. Internal rebellions.

And now the US combat mission is nearly at an end.

Can free Iraq stand up with just the 50,000 American troops left behind to lean on? Very interesting to see if they can. It’s possible, but as I’ve mentioned, there are so many problem within the country outside of militancy that have yet to be addressed.

They are already wobbling. But they might, might be able to stay standing. They need their government to, well, come into being from a divided Parliament as a first step, but it can be done. With some continued help from the US and the rest of the western world, not just militarily, we could see a stable Iraq eventually.

This is the proving ground. Can’t hold their hand forever. So, Iraq, what’s it going to be? Time to answer that question.

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