Women In Afghanistan: Update Of Sorts

Some quotes from the Mirror regards the female recruits to the Afghan Army I mentioned a while back:

“When I decided to join the army, my immediate family were pleased for me but my uncle, who is a mullah, thinks I have shamed the family.

He told me that if he sees me in the street he will kill me.”

Is she scared? “No, not now I am a soldier. I won’t let people like my uncle destroy girls’ lives any more. This is what I am fighting for.” (emphasis mine)

I smell a little bit of American propaganda creeping in, but the sentiment is undeniably the right one.  With Afghanistan supposed to be able to stand on its own within a few years, these are encouraging signs.

Oh and another reason to despise any possibility of the Taliban taking over the country again:

Most of the girls hadn’t done any physical exercise in their lives,” 1st Sgt Kristian Norton, an American mentor, said. “They had never felt their blood pumping and so thought they were having a heart attack.”

I always try to maintain distance and objectivity when studying conflict. But fuck the Taliban.

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