The Ground Zero Mosque

So Obama gave tacit support for the planned Mosque, though he really only went as far as pointing out the obvious: that America tolerates all religions and no legal barrier exists.

It’s hard for me to really get into this issue. Both sides seem to love employing whole armies of strawmen. But here’s my two cents.

There is no logical reason to stop this mosque. It’s going to be a religious centre, not a terrorist training camp. Muslim countries tend to not allow the building of Christian churches (Great ally, those Saudi Arabians) but that doesn’t matter. America is the bigger (and better) man in that regard. New York already has over a hundred mosques and no-one seems to be upset about them.

But it’s not that simple. I tend to align myself with whatever side Sarah Palin isn’t on, but this time round, I’ll just try to ignore her and her rambling nonsense.

Come on guys. Don’t tell me, when you first heard this story, you didn’t arch an eyebrow. It is just down the road from Ground Zero. Whether we like it or not, that act of terrorism was carried out by Muslim’s, so as far as I’m concerned it is completely understandable for some Americans to not like this idea. It still hurts for them. We, living on the other side of an ocean, shouldn’t be so quick to judge. We can’t know what it feels like. The decision to plan this mosque so close, while having an understandable reasoning (they wouldn’t be building it if their weren’t Muslims that needed somewhere to worship in the area) just looks insanely inflammatory and provocative.

So yes, I can sympathise with those who don’t like the idea. Not the crazy ranting types like the tea party and co., but I can sympathise. It’s hard to find a parallel for this. I’m thinking something along the lines of Sinn Fein setting up on office opposite Jerry McCabe’s house. It would piss me off immensely.

All that being said, I think this is going to become a non-issue soon. Once the hyperbole goes down and a new story for the right to get outraged about pops up. Republicans won’t get New York, maybe the most Democratic city in America, to vote against Obama. They’ll use this as an issue to try to get the rest of the country to turn on him (more so) but New York will just get on with life.

I live near a mosque. Plain building, opposite the County Council office. I know Muslims in the area. And, while Ireland might not be the #1 target of Islamic terrorists, I can say that I have never seen any sign of fundamentalist activity emanating from the place.

Al-Qaeda. Remember America, they are the bad guys. They are the ones who took down the towers, not Islam as a whole.

P.S. Don’t like Glenn Beck? Prepare to have your mind blown.

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3 Responses to The Ground Zero Mosque

  1. T.R. Burns says:

    Interesting read.

  2. cinverd says:

    Yeah, there are definitely two sides to this story, but cue all the conspiracy theorists shouting again about how Obama is secretly a Muslim and blah-de-blah.

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