Look At What You Lose With Something Like DADT

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was envisioned as something that would level the playing field regards homosexuals serving in the military by ignoring the issue entirely, and pretending that it didn’t exist, and punishing anyone who dared to try and acknowledge the problem.

Only it doesn’t work that way. And this is what you lose.

But that’s nothing. This, this is truly heartbreaking. When one of your soldiers has to hide who they are at what should be joyous homecoming, you are doing something wrong.

President Obama made the repeal of DADT a big issue of his campaign, but so far it’s been one excuse after another.

How horribly out of date is America, the biggest military power in the world? Look at this. A lot of American allies up there. The UK, Canada, Australia, the Dutch, NZ, Spain, Israel. Oh, and Ireland.

Come America. Come join us in the modern military world.

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