If you’re into insect-related documentaries, you’re bound to have heard some variation of this:

“Ants are the only other animal, apart from humans, to engage in war”

It’s a bit of hyperbole, really. Ant “warfare” is really more of an instinct based behavior rather than a rational choice. Please, no “It’s instinct for us too!” replies, I’m not in the mood for it today.

But major similarities do exist between human and Ant warfare, and over at Danger Room, they’ve got an interesting little rundown of them with some cool photos as well.

Basically, Clausewitz would love ants. Mass charge tactics abound, though with some intelligence behind them. The weaker pawns go in first to weaken the enemy, followed by the heavy hitters. But Ants don’t have the “leave no man behind” thought process nearly every army tends to have to some extent (even the totalitarian ones have it a little).

Also, as the article reports, I look forward to the result of the Great Californian Ant War.

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