Firefly: The Mark

Here it is, my Brocon RPG scenario: Firefly: The Mark

I know pdf’s are the usual format for these kinds of things, but, you work with what you have. Rather then give full character stats for NPCs I choose to simply include the relevant stuff (health and attack rolls) since I assume any GM will have the Core book avaliable for study.

My first playthrough went well enough, but a fairly large part of the game didn’t go as planned. There were two main problems:

1. As you can see in the attached file, I leave three options open to the party for how they want to complete the mission. I anticipated that some would attempt a mixture, but not enough. The GM running the scenario on a separate table also ran into this issue. This is something I will attempt to work on, but I feel that if the GM has read the notes in enough detail, he/she should be able to compensate and come up with stuff on the fly.

2. My players ended up turning on “the rebels” very quickly, taking them out of the equation. I feel that this may have been a freak occurence, but future playthroughs will tell.

Let me know what you guys think.

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