Sportsball (World Cup 2010), Matchday Twenty-Four (3rd Place Play-Off)

Uruguay 2-3 Germany

I’m gratified to have been dead right about the 3rd Place Play-Off. A truly excellent contest, one of the best games of tournament. Back and forth attacking football from both sides, plenty of goals, both teams giving it loads. Enthusiam, heart and desire all on display. World Cup football at it’s best. A real joy to watch.

Neither defence was playing well, hence the high number of goals. Schweinsteiger was immense as always, while Suarez moved back into the Uruguay line-up easily, despite the boos, to become one of the key providers for the South Americans.

First German goal was a bit lucky, but shows the danger of falling asleep as a long shot comes in. Uruguay, as they’ve made a habit of doing, came roaring back with an excellent equalizer, a wonderful counter-attack.

The fun continued into the second, with both teams flinging players forward. Uruguay were well worth their lead, excellent Forlan volley, but Germany then kicked into the high gear that’s so very, very pretty to watch. Two well worked headers to regain the lead, owing a little to Uruguayan defensive lapses. Forlan and the rest kept their heads to try to get back into the game, and worked some chances to their credit. It’s a shame that Forlan couldn’t get that last free kick under the bar, I would have enjoyed an extra 30 minutes of that.

Germany deserved it, not only on the basis of this game, but on their record throughout the tournament. Two very good teams here, both young, with players that have established themselves as some of the worlds best in this tournament.

Excellent match. Anyone who comes out against the 3rd Place Play-Off in future should be made watch this contest. I can only hope that the final can give us an equally great game.

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