Sportsball (World Cup 2010), Matchday Twenty-Two (Semi-Finals)

Uruguay 2-3 Netherlands

The Dutch were poor in the first half, their previously solid defence showing a suprising amount of frailty. It was lucky that Uruguay lacked the ability to create some clear-cut chances, obviously feeling the absence of Suarez. On their side of it, the South Americans defended decently and had the better of the midfield. Two freakish goals were the mark of the first half, with either goalie being at fault for Van Bronkhurst and Forlan’s respective strikes. Von Bommel’s less than reputable behavior on the pitch continued, with the only surprise being the continued ignorance of the officials.

Uruguay were the more confident of the two and that continued into the second half, the Dutch not really getting back into it until the hour mark. From there, they were dominant, and Sneidjer took the chance when he got it. A little question mark over whether Van Piersie got the last touch, but regardless, he was onside if he did touch it.

From there the Dutch put the two time champions to the sword. Lovely worked move for Robben’s header ended the game as a contest. Uruguay seemed to become sapped of energy and showed no initiative going forward. They got that late consolation, more out of Dutch lapses then anything. It’s a shame, because the Dutch defence was there for the taking. Something they have to work on if they want to win their first World Cup.

The Dutch have the ability to do it, but they got a little lucky in this game. Either the Spanish or German attack will play havoc with this back four if they put in a performance like this. Uruguay had their chance to really put it up against the Netherlands at the start of the second half, and failed to do it.

As an aside, this result means the previous alternation of European/South American World Cup Winners will end. Going back to 62, this long-standing WC tradition got wrecked in the Quarter Finals of this tournament. Just last week, many were predicting the demise of Old World National team dominance. It’s all changed now. UEFA remains the king of confederations.

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