The Saville Inquiry: Addendum

Just to address a few comments.

Some have pointed out that current Sinn Fein deputy leader Martin McGuinness was also involved in Bloody Sunday, perhaps violently. Should he face prosecution?

I will make no attempt to hide my dislike of Sinn Fein, but regardless, if the Inquiry feels McGuinness was involved and may have committed a criminal act (and firing on British troops would have been) then it should be investigated further. If you go after 1 Para, you can’t make an exception for Sinn Fein, no matter how damaging it might be. I said justice serves justice, and it does no matter who it goes after.

In regards another suggestion, that 1 Para should have their honors and commendations removed, I don’t think that’s wise or necessary. The entire Regiment wasn’t involved in the massacre and it isn’t my intention to disparage the whole unit, just those who were on the streets of Derry that day. Besides, the Regiment has recieved no battle honors for it’s time in Belfast, and it makes little sense to strip them of commendations from service in North Africa and Normandy.

Also, to the suggestion that those soldiers may have been punished enough simply by the knowledge that they have killed unjustly: I disagree strongly. These individual soldiers have not shown signs of regret, and have now been shown to have lied in previous inquiries. Regardless of their personal feelings of grief and regret, feelings we have no way of verifying or believing, the legal course is very clear. No statute of limitations has been reached.

I want to see those soldiers in the dock. Maybe then we’ll see if they’re regretful or not.

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